Sunday, June 24, 2012

Flowers for the weekend

Lulie Wallace paints the sweetest flowers.
Those are Flowers for Milner

Fancy stitching yourself a bunch of flower?
Vintage stitchery kits (via Misako Mimoko)

Jo Chambers Studio Legohead
I love everything Jo Chambers (AKA Studio Legohead) draws / paints / embroiders.
This print is my favorite - Floral explosion!

It's always nice to get flowers, especially on a grey, rainy weekend!
Hope your weekend is lovely and warm! Galit x

P.S. More flowers?


  1. Ooooo love these... especially the last one :)

  2. i bought some sunflowers at the market yesterday! and i'm sorry you are so cold!!! stay warm friend :)

  3. Gorgeous florals!
    I simply adore the Warhol print.

  4. Love the Jo Chambers print!! Thanks for introducing me to it.
    So glad to have swung by your blog today. I'm your latest follower. Hoping you might like to follow me in return? Would be great to have you come past my blog some time - hope you like it.
    Looking forward to visiting again asap. Great blog, filled with so much inspiration. :)

  5. I love the idea of getting a painted bouquet! And we have so many rainy days here in Denmark I think I deserve a few.

    These colors are gorgeous - they just pop!

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  6. That last one is amazing. And I always love a Warhol print.
    Ronnie xo

  7. i'm still obsessing over this post of yours...seriously.