Monday, February 27, 2012

Curating Colour - 4th Edition

Hello Monday!
Hope all of you lovelies had a fine weekend!

I'll thought I'll go back to the tradition of having a Curating Colour  post on a Monday, it's a good thing, I think, to start the week with a little colour right?

Those impressive abstract paintings of Michelle Armas are so beautifully haunting. To me they look like fractions of my dreams. Bursts of colour that are at the same time wild and harmonious and have so much energy, passion and happiness in them

Find out more about Michelle and her art on her blog and shops: Big Cartel // Etsy

Another set of beautiful abstract work, but in a very different form, is the one coming from k19studio:

k19studio is a German based art studio that started with the idea of creating original art that is accessible to everyone. They had made a dozen of series of original geometric paintings that are executed in the technique of acrylic on canvas or aluminum, in high quality and an affordable price.
I especially love the Semi-Transparency series.

See examples of their artworks here. They look even more stunning hanged on a wall!

Have a wonderful, colourful week friends! Galit x

P.S. Talking about affordable art, if you haven't yet, do go and check out Buy Some Damn Art - an excellent source of original and affordable art by up-and-coming artists, which is the brain child of Kate Singleton of Art Hound.


  1. Wonderful paintings by Michelle, thanks for sharing!

  2. wow! those floral ones are gorgeous!

    drop by allister bee soon!

  3. Love all those gorgeous colours of Michelle Armas' work! A great way to start the week :)

  4. loving all that color on this grey tuesday morning! It has been raining here non-stop since Sunday night... I love the first picture, it makes me happy!

  5. the first series is excellent, and I love!

  6. Those paintings by Michelle Armas are incredible. The top one totally stole my heart! Have a great day, sweetie.