Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Spaces, Fine Details

I love spaces that are homey, relaxed and full with happy details

(via sfgirlbay)

(via Creamylife // 101 )

Some lovely kitchen details:

(Via Agent Bauer // All the Luck in the World // Retro Vertigo)

(via Skona Hem)

This last space is seriously beautiful. So many stunning and colourful details and a great use of light and lighting.
Is it possible that Swedish homes are all perfect?



  1. Yes! I love them all! :)

    I also love spaces that are 'homey, relaxed and full with happy details' ... especially that last point, it's the details that really count.

  2. i love these pictures. they're so cute. and i'm dying over the car on the wall!

    allister bee blog

  3. I like these photos! Those details make me feel so jealous!
    thanks for your comment dear. I am your new follower. Hope you will follow me back. big kiss from greece!

  4. beautiful things! i like your blog a lot!