Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Inspiration Elsewhere

I'm loving the subtle color scheme of this space and the
amazing feeling of height given by the many paper lamps.
Photography by Eugeni Pons

Thomas Allen
Artwork made of Pulp Photography and Paperdolls
by Thomas Allen. Stole my heart.
(his works are also featured in this intriguing new photography book)

You simply cannot not fall in love with this photo!
Such cool, relaxing atmosphere and this arty space is to die for!
Photograph by Mikkel Vang

Write a Bike by Juri Zaech.
Personalization is the new black?

Morgenstern by Alexander Binder from Cafe Royal Books.

Bonnie's stay at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs made me
a bit jealous! I could use a little holiday at the moment

Something different: P R I M O E Z A's hand printed tags are just so beautiful and unique.

No words needed here right?
Those girls rock!

How's your week so far internets?
We're having the most crazy weather here at Adelaide with a very dramatic thunder storm and a non-stop tropical showers (thunder storms and tropical rain at Adelaide in December. Do I sound worried??).
If it will keep going like this, there's a good chance we will enjoy a wintry Christmas this year!

Here's some mid-week inspiration for you! Enjoy and stay warm and dry my friends! xx

Please click the images for their source. Credit (if different) is given under each one.


  1. The first photo with all those lamps left me speechless.
    Blog make-over!!!! Love it :)

  2. Those many paper lamps looks amazing like that!

  3. I adore all of the pictures you chose. and your new header and blog look!!

  4. Thank you Adeline and Krystal!! Happy you had noticed :)

  5. you are right the photo of the girl in the blue room is completely gorgeous (I just 'pinned' it!)


  6. Those paper lamps make the room look really serene!

  7. oh wow! love the paper dolls - stunning!!

  8. oh yea! Love all those pics.

    No bad weather here in Sugar Land, Texas. It is about 70 deg. and sunny. Like always we are wearing flip flops in the winter.