Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hello World! I'm back!

How are you dear friends? It has been a while!
I feel like I was away for a month!! I'm back, happy, healthy and with so much energy and new content for you! Hopefully I'll be posting it all by the end of this week.
Thank you so much for your kind comments on my last post, especially for all the Northern Hemisphere readers who offered to share their sunny summer with me! :) Thanks guys! It surely brought some sunshine into our gray winter here so we're enjoying now 3 days of wonderful clear blue sky in a row!

Before we go back to normal I wanted to share a little find I discovered through dear Susan of sMacthoughts: It is a little scribbler called Harmony.
What this wonderful 'tool' does is taking simple vector based input (that would be your drawing) and creates its own drawing on top of it based on a number of simple rules. The results are fantastic. It gives extra depth and character to your very simple scribbling and in no time you can create magnificent little art works.

I'm totally awed by this program and the results it gives. The drawing I've posted here is very very simple, Check Harmony's Facebook Fan Page where you can see some really impressive works.
Harmony was created by Ricardo Cabello (AKA Mr. Doob), a graphic designer/developer from London. Well done Mr. Doob!! Love your program!!

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  1. Welcome back! This is fantastic, I'm checking it out right now!